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Birthday wishes :D

I wanna wish a happy birthday to
Amaya! (messdestruction</lj>)

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I made some icons just for you :D


And of course Happy Birthday to one of my closest friends, my "wife", my dork Steph! (make_me_irish</lj>) :D 

( Click on it to make it bigger )

Made some icons just for you dawg :D

Again Happy Birthday to you both! :D
If I missed your birthday, I'm sorry, LiveJournal for some reason doesn't email me some stuff, and I rarely come on, so if anyone had a birthday and I missed it, Happy Late Birthday :D

Oh Hai, I only had 3 hours of sleep xDDD

And I want to thank Jenn (miss_opinion ) for my virtual bday gift :D *hugs*
Tags: amaya, happy birthday, life, livejournal, sleep, steph
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